I just want to be a self again!

Motherhood is awesome. It is also all consuming. This blog is my attempt to find my personality again, while sharing the everyday joys of being mommy.

Here you will meet Ryan, the autistic superboy who made me a mom. He loves roblox, hates clothes, and has taught me to see the world through his magic eyes.

You’ll meet Aurora, my feisty funny girl. When I was pregnant and people asked me what gender I was hoping for I would simply say “I just want them to speak.” Aurora took those wishes to heart and I am so grateful. I am also exhausted.

You’ll get to know my husband, John. He’s the handsome guy that made me fall in love so hard that I left America behind to settle in a small city near the coast of England.

Of course, you’ll also spend time with me! I survived a childhood filled with abuse, neglect, and a multitude of trauma. I was lucky enough to be adopted as a teenager by the two greatest people that have ever walked this Earth. The older I get, the more I am able to recognise how different times in my life combined to make me the parent that I am today. Now, I want to take that knowledge to raise my cuties the best that I can, but I also want more. I want to read books again, just for fun. I want to take walks, and do yoga. I want to balance my life instead of forever being the least important person in my universe. I hope you will come along with me.