Christmas Crafts for Elves

Christmas is John’s favourite time of year. Me, not so much. I try not to be a Grinch, though, and this year want to have some fun activities to do with my littles. I can totally wait to get started, but I’ll find my enthusiasm and my scissors and get going.

I don’t have nearly enough tchotchkes that the kids have made. I love these fingerprint Christmas lights frames. Each child can make their own and I can put photos from this year in there…. but do I want to have memories from 2020? hmmm….

Ryan likes simple things like this that test his small motor skills. I love candy canes. Seems like this one is win-win.

This. Is. Too. CUTE!

By now I feel like my love of crafty cute head bands is pretty established. This next one will shock no one.

I love child made tree decorations. Their joy is what this season is really about to me. I’m sure they would love doing this. Aurora loves buttons.

Honestly, this one isn’t really even about the kids. I just think they are pretty and would be lovely hung from the ceiling along with some snow flakes.

Speaking of- How great are these crystal snowflakes?

Aurora just loves making little cards for her friends, so this one is on my list.

My kids love play dough. I will find an activity to make surrounding this snow clay. I love the added peppermint.

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