Weekly Washout and Taking a Break

I had a pretty great week this week. John was off for a few days so I got to spend some time with him. Wednesday I mostly slept while the kids were at school, which I needed. Thursday, John and I finally finished the project of organizing the kid’s play area and cleaned the rest of the living room to boot. It feels completely different in our home now. I’m especially proud of John as cleaning properly meant getting rid of some belongings that we don’t need and don’t have room for. It isn’t easy for him, but he managed it and he is as happy as I am with the results.

Aurora got to be Star of the Day at school this week. Basically, she got to sit in a special chair, be first every time the class queued, and pick the music for singing and dancing. Her teacher told me that at every moment of free time during that day Aurora headed straight for her special chair. She just loved feeling important. The next day when she was no longer the star she first told me that she was sad that she hadn’t been chosen again, but when I reminded her that all of her classmates want a day to feel extra special, too, she seemed happy with that and later told me she was happy for her friend who was the star. She’s growing up so fast and I am so proud.

Ryan has made me laugh so much this week. I’ve especially enjoyed him in the mornings. Aurora wakes up talking, but Ryan is the type to stay silent for as long as possible. Usually this means that he and I stand in the kitchen for 10 minutes every day while I list off options for breakfast while trying to read his facial expressions to see what he might consent to eat. This week I instead just danced around the kitchen with him holding up his breakfast options one at a time silently. We both got a kick out of our little mime show and it was a nice way to bond with him. I have so much fun with my little Lion.

A couple of people reached out to me this week to share that the stories I have written about this week have touched them or allowed them to recognize a piece of themselves they have been struggling with. I feel really proud to have helped and it truly means the world to me to see people who are interested in what I have to share. This blog has been an important addition to my life and I am grateful for the support.

Next week the kid’s don’t have school and I’ve decided to take a week long break from the blog to focus on hanging out with them and maintaining my newly cleaned house. I will keep writing, though, and hopefully will have some good things to share once I am back in November. Happy Halloween!!

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