Crochet Bags!

I don’t really use a purse, though I definitely should. I always imagine that one day I will find the perfect bag to suit my style and all my needs. I’ve been looking at patterns for crochet bags hoping to find “the” one there. I wanted to share some of what I found here.

I really like the texture of this bag. The thickness makes it so that it could be used for any number of occasions by just choosing the correct colour. The shape would also make lining it fairly easy.

Free Pattern HERE

This boho bag is super cute and would look great with a sweet summer dress.

Free Pattern HERE

The pattern for this tapestry crochet bag is a combination of written instructions and a chart to be used. It is done with a single crochet, so I think beginners could still give it a go. I will certainly give it a try.

Free Pattern HERE

This Acorn market bag comes with a youtube tutorial. I love the colours and the pattern. I look forward to making it.

YouTube Tutorial HERE

I think this Malia bag looks really cute but sturdy. Like the first bag on the list, it also has a nice, bumpy texture but their placement is tighter together. I have lost a bit of time looking photos of this bag completed in a variety of ways and I’m just itching to get to the wool shop.

Free Pattern HERE

When I am working on a crochet project, texture is key. I love the variations that my little hook can make. This little Rainbow Happy Fun pouch is adorable and would be perfect for holding the little things I need to get to quickly while I am out.

This Chevron One Big Cake bag is made with Carron cakes yarn which is one of my favourites. It takes all the stress out of coordinating colours. It looks like it would work up fairly quickly, too.

Free Pattern HERE:

I love a good granny square, so naturally I needed a few granny square- inspired bags, like this one.

Find the pattern HERE

This bag is just 2 large granny squares. Can’t get much easier than this easy Raffia bag.

Free Pattern HERE

I have one more option to leave you with today if you are also looking for your very own bag to make. This Shell bag is very cute and could be used for a market bag or a tote.

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