Weekly Washout

Happy Friday!

This week has been a busy one in my little world. Both of the kids are enjoying school but they are ready for their upcoming half term break and are having a bit more trouble getting started in the morning. Ryan got caught in traffic one day which led to him spending close to 3 hours in the car for what would normally be a 40 minute round trip. He’s been a bit gun shy about getting in the car since then. Aurora is just tired of having to brush her hair every day. She can’t understand why one good brushing doesn’t last a life time. Baby’s first injustice.

I have made sorting through toys my project for the week. I have spent 8 or 9 hours in the corner of our living room sorting out toys to be donated, broken toys, and toys that we want to keep. I’ve been putting sets of toys together and marvelling about how many tiny peppa pig figurines we have amassed. It is very slow going but I have thrown away two large bags of things unfit to be donated and prepared 5 more bags to be given away. I’d say I’m not yet half way done. THAT IS HOW MUCH STUFF WE HAVE. I should just sign us up for an episode of Hoarders and be done with it.

All in all, I have spent an awful lot of my alone time this week on this project and despite the volume of items that have been removed from my home it doesn’t actually look much different yet. It is a bit frustrating and I have felt the need to justify what I have done every day as I work my butt off to keep the rest of the house from falling apart while I focus on this one little corner.

Today, I made up for the feeling of not accomplishing anything. After getting the kids ready and off to school I went grocery shopping, met up with a friend for a long walk and some additional errands, then I picked up Aurora, helped her decorate some gingerbread pumpkins I bought earlier and then fixed Ryan’s lap top which had been refusing to boot up. It’s not even dinner time yet. I didn’t get to spend time on my toy purging project but I am feeling really invigorated by time with good people and finishing something.

Yesterday Aurora was asking if we could go to America when the germs have gone away so that we could see Grandma and Grandpapa. John suggested a video chat and I was lucky enough to catch my parents while they were together and had a few minutes to spare in the middle of the day. Aurora got shy once they were on camera but I know she was happy to see them. Ryan even came down to say hello and enjoy grandpapa singing a song. After it was done I had a nice little cry. I love living in England, but I do miss my family.

I hope everyone is well. See you Monday.

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