10 Decorative Crochet Projects!

As I have mentioned before, we recently moved into a new house. If all goes to plan, this will be our forever home where our children will grow up. I’ve lived a pretty transient life (I remember 25 different homes) So I am excited at the chance to make this one my own.

I love the idea of filling my home with items I made myself. I struggle with finding the time and funds to make the things, but I forever have a list in mind of what I would like to do. Here is my list of 10 things that I absolutely must make! Bonus- the patterns are free!

First up- Piggy Potholders!! I already make my own dish rags but PIGGY POTHOLDERS! I don’t think I need to sell it more- but in case I do, this blog also has cat, sheep, and cow patterns. I think my kitchen needs a barnyard full of animal potholders ASAP!

My family has a bit of a hoarding problem. We have a lot of stuff and that makes storage space a premium. I love the idea of hanging baskets throughout the house- One in the kitchen for clean dish rags. Some in the bedrooms for paired up socks. A couple in our living room or entry way with potted plants inside. So versatile. So cute.

Sticking with the theme of organisation, I would love to make this little couch caddy. It has pockets for our forever disappearing remote control as well as space for tissues, phones, and glasses. I can’t wait to make this and watch my family not use it. At least then I can yell about how we wouldn’t lose the remote if we put it where it belonged! It would be nice to change it up.

One more organizational pin. I think this bag saver would be handy dandy. We keep our plastic bags under the sink and forget to bring them a shocking amount of the time. I would like to make one of these to keep near the door to grab a few bags as we head out the door.

One thing that kind of drives me bananas about English houses is the number of doors. These people love doors. When you walk in my house there are immediately 3 doors ahead of you. There is the downstairs toilet (valid choice- I’m happy to see the door there) across from that is the kitchen door which either is constantly in my way as I attempt to navigate my kitchen or cuts me off from the rest of the house while I am in there. Straight ahead is the living room door which as far as I can tell is only there to slam shut every time we open the front and back doors in an attempt to get a cross breeze. Anyway, long story to say I need door stops. I’m not interested in functional but ugly stops. I want cute kitty door stops, so these have now been added to my to do list.

Of course, we don’t always want to make things that are useful. Sometimes I like to make things that are just plain cute. To that end- behold! Rainbow wall hanging!

Of course, if you want to decorate a house, pillows are the easiest way to change the feeling of a room. Here are a couple of options I would like to try!

If I am making pillows, Aurora has asked for this one specifically. Who am I to deny my princess this silly little wish?

For the last two, lets go old school! There is nothing more satisfying than a homemade crochet afghan. Of course the joy of decorating is to share pieces of your personality in your home. As an expat, my Americanisms have become a huge part of my personality. This Wavy American Flag blanket seems perfect for displaying that.

Free Pattern HERE

The easiest way for me to complete the bigger projects is to cut it into small pieces. This pretty hexagon blanket would be easy to do in little bits before piecing it all together. I really love the colours in this one, too.

Free Pattern HERE

Whew, I think that is a pretty good list to get started with, right? With the amount of free time I have I think I should have this all finished up by 2030…

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