Weekly Washout

I want to take the time to celebrate my village today. Obviously, the pandemic has made it difficult for me to share a physical space with many of the people I rely on for the sake of my sanity. I got two reminders this week that physical distance is not a barrier to true friendship and love.

First was when I called on my mom and she was there for me. She let me whine about the troubles of adulthood and helped me find my feet again. I have leaned heavily on my mom many times in my adulthood. I can always count on her to listen with kindness, to reassure me with love, and to provide whatever support I ask for. I will never be able to express how grateful I am for her very existence.

Then, Ryan was on my phone one day and decided to send a group text to whoever kind of took his fancy in my contacts lists. He sent a few gifs and then a very cryptic little message “I am so sad. She is in hospital.” Everyone began to worry. They asked Ryan who was in hospital. He didn’t answer. Some people messaged me… but Ryan had my phone. One person sent me a Facebook message and that I got because I was on the computer doing some research. I asked John to send a message to the group letting them know that all was well in our home but something else came up immediately. Then, our friend and Ryan’s former nursery teacher drove up.

She hadn’t been to our house but knew the area we were in and had seen enough pictures to feel pretty confident she could find it. By then I was outside with Aurora and was surprised and completely overjoyed to see her. So were the kids. Ryan immediately began filming a video in which he danced around and talked a lot. Aurora wasted no time getting comfortable with Lucy again despite having not seen her for 8 months. We only had a few minutes before bed times and dinners meant saying goodbye but it was really sweet to know that she would take the time to check on us.

My life has been shaped by million little moments like that. I have never been the most popular person in the room, but I have always had a few really good friends who I know will never fail to be there when I call. Since Ryan entered the world the number of people who adore my children has expanded my village and now I know that there are some people, like Lucy, who will be there even when I don’t call. My family has been blessed by friendship and love. I am so grateful.

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