Lyrics By Aurora

I am running bit behind and don’t have time to put together a proper post. Instead, I would like to share a song Aurora made up today. She started singing it on the toilet and then followed her brother around singing it louder and louder while he yelled at her to stop. Early morning annoying is a special duty of younger siblings, you know.

Here we go!

“My name is Aurora, Aurora! I am a good girl, sometimes I make bad choices but I still good! I am Aurora! I like to pee in the toilet all by myself! I like chocolate and my friends! I have a friend called Rylie, and Lucy, and Jacob, and Adaaaaam. I have a doggie, he’s such a good dog! His name is Toby and he likes me best!

I have a mommy, she is a poo! I have a daddy, he’s a big poo! My brother Ryan is so funny! He’s a poo, too! Its raining today and I am going to school. I’ll play with my friends and learn good things!

I am Aurora, and I am a poo! I AM A POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

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