Halloween Kiddie Crafts

Halloween will be a bit different this year. Everyone has to make their own choices about what risks they are willing to take, coming into contact with people. My kids have been asking about Halloween for ages already and I want to make this year special for them, even if it ends up being trick or treat free. To that end I thought I would search out some easy crafts to do with my littles in the lead up to the Big Spook. Hopefully they will enjoy them!

First up, yarn pumpkins! Yarn, glue, and balloons! I think the kids would really enjoy this one. Bonus- I bet stringing some fairy lights through the pumpkins would turn the finished product into an adorable decoration.

Click HERE

Next up is a craft I know for sure Aurora will be into. My girl loves her rocks, so why not make some jack-o-lantern pet rocks?

Click HERE

This summer Aurora and I made a beach themed card for her friend. She loved it so much. I think Monster Cards are the perfect Halloween Flavour for doing it again.

Video HERE

Nothing is spookier than spiders. Also, nothing is more fun for my littles than googly eyes so a spider headband is no brainer.

Click HERE

I have such fond memories of making paper lanterns when I was young. That makes these lanterns an absolute yes for me!

Click HERE

Lets round this spooky celebration out with some baking ideas, shall we? I was thrilled to find edible candy eyes online making these yummy nightmares possible.

Recipe HERE

I love these sweet little pinwheel cookies. Plus, we could use these for so many holidays with just a simple colour swap.

Recipe HERE

What is a spooky kitchen session without some graveyard pudding? This will be on my Halloween to-do list.

Instructions HERE

MUMMY COOKIES!!!! That is literally all I have to say about this one.

Recipe HERE

I made these pumpkin cookies for a Halloween party years ago and they were a big hit. I’ll give them another go this year.

Click HERE

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