Play dough Party Time

I’ve been promising Aurora’s bestie, R, that we would make some play dough together for a couple of weeks. I LOVE making playdough. I really like kneading the door to go from too wet and sticky to just right. The recipe I use is so lovely and soft as well.

I also like that making play dough means choosing the colour. I even have added 5-10 drops of essential oil in to make it smell nice while I knead. Obviously, you want to do that only with older kids who can be trusted not to eat the playdough or otherwise use it to fill orifices. Lavender is my favourite, though I have also wanted to try to add some rose water to the mix to see how that turns out. Soothing play dough for adults and children alike! I’ll share the recipe below.

We had a really nice time mixing everything. The girls struggle to share and take turns, and each of them is mostly concerned with who has the best tool or who is stirring more, but there are also plenty of sweet moments of sharing and complimenting each other’s creations.

We had a couple of mishaps during the process. First, while we were in the scooping and mixing phase Aurora got most of her scoop of flour on her lap. Even though I tried to shake it out, for the next hour or so, every time she ran a small cloud of flour would follow her. I choose to think of it is pixie dust and enjoyed the sight of my fairy baby.

Then, for clean up I decided the easiest option would be to use a hose to spray away all of the loose flour and salt. Our hose attaches to the kitchen sink. I set it up and went outside where Aurora was eagerly waiting her chance to play with some water. When she pushed the lever, and the most pathetic little trickle came out. Weird, especially since I could definitely hear running water. That is when I turned to the kitchen window to see it covered with water.

Yup. When I put the hose on, all was well, but by the time I fed the hose out of the window and walked out the front door, the faucet had come loose somehow and water was coating every inch of my happy little kitchen. Fun times, fun times.

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