Glimmer- Only Washout!

In the spirit of yesterday’s Triggers and Glimmers post, I have decided our Friday wash-out would include only things that have brought me joy over this week.

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Our neighbourhood is busy and full of kids. Ryan has attempted to socialise with the other children a handful of times over the last couple of months. Usually for short periods and without verbal communication. The other night I had the joy of watching him play tag with teenager on our block. The joy was bursting out of him and had an effect on everyone who saw it. When he was ready for a break, his playmate came to speak to me for a minute.

“That was so much fun! And he was really talking to me, I don’t think I’ve ever heard his voice so clearly. I’m so glad I got to play with him.”

Thank heaven for school. He had only been in the building 5 days at that point, but his confidence and happiness is already close to where it was pre-covid. The next day he asked me where the children were and could he play with them? When I explained that they were not home he said “Oh, that is too bad. Ryan is sad.” Socialising has always been the thing that Ryan struggles with the most, and to see him feel safe and confident enough to want to do it is such a blessing.

I love the memories feature on Facebook. It reminded me of one of my best swimming trips 3 years ago this week. Ryan was in his 3rd week of school and I picked him up to take him swimming. He was tired that day but enjoyed the pool so we spent nearly an hour in the pool with the water up to my shoulders with Ryan wrapped around me snuggling and quietly singing. It was so wonderful. The hundreds of swimming trips we have had before and after that day have always been great, but that one day will hold a special place in my heart forever.

Aurora and I had a really great afternoon together this week. She needed new shoes as we discovered her expensive school shoes were giving her blisters. I picked her up from school and we visited several shops before she picked out an extra shiny pair of new school shoes. Then we went in search of a small gift for some of her friends. Finally we stopped at McDonald’s (her favourite place) and brought dinner home. It was so nice to have so much time to focus on my girl.

My final glimmer from this week speaks for itself. Enjoy Ryan’s introduction to the solar system!

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