Aurora Starts School

My four year old, my baby, started “big kid” school this week. How this is possible when I can still feel her perfectly pudgy little baby body pressed against me is impossible to understand.

Preparing for the first day of school was emotional. Before we had Ryan, I knew I wanted kids but I wasn’t sure how many. By the time that Ryan was 1, I knew I wanted at least one more. Even while I was pregnant with Aurora we started discussing having a 3rd. In the end, I shut the door on that idea. Postpartum the 2nd time around was a lot harder, and I was forced to accept that I am done having babies. I know John would still be thrilled to meet #3, and I admit I still dream about them now and again. I hope we can become foster parents when the children are older, but that is a long way off.

Either way, with Aurora, every stage of development has been “The first time” for her and “The last first time” For me. It would be overwhelming if Aurora wasn’t such a beautiful ray of sunshine. It feels like she was a baby for about a minute, and now here she is, going off to school. Beginning the process of finding out who she is when I am not by her side. I know she is going to be an absolute star.

School Girl!

Aurora, or Rory as most of us know her is so loving. When anyone in the family gets hurt she is immediately there, checking their owies, and asking if we need a plaster (Bandaid, you yanks) She will continue to check in until she is sure you are better. Once I cut my finger and Aurora checked it every day until it had healed completely. “Good job, mom!” she shouted when she woke up and immediately went for my hand one morning. “Your owie got smaller and smaller until it went away!”

Rory is also super funny. Her comedic timing is insanely impressive for such a little one. She has made me laugh every day since she was born. She revels in that, too. I can see her working to figure out what people find funny. Sometimes its almost like she’s trying jokes out on us for later use.

Right now her go-to is poop. She has an impressive list of poop themed parodies. Remember when Old MacDonald had a farm? Well, now he has a poop. Don’t ask me what sounds a poop makes. Also, Baby Shark is gone and replaced by Baby Poop. Not to be left out, the Wheels on the Poop go round and round, all through the town. You get it.

Rory struggles to make friends with children her own age. She has had a lot of practice since moving to our new house, but in groups of new children it still takes time for her to come out of her shell. She is like her mommy and prefers to watch quietly before deciding who she wants to be friends with. Also like her mommy, once she is friends with someone, there is no going back. We love hard. She asks what her friends are doing every morning and every evening. She likes to make them little presents and thinks about them when they aren’t around. Often, she will try to convince me to buy something that one of her friends would like. Today she spent 20 minutes trying to convince me to take her to the beach so that she could find a shell for her friend A* because yesterday he told her he likes sea shells.

When lockdown restrictions began lifting, we moved to a new house. Because the house had just been built, everyone on our street moved in the same week. I was thrilled to see that every family also had young children with them. I didn’t know how to approach, how determine if our kids could play safely with theirs. Then, the day before Rory’s birthday, she got her pinky finger caught in the chain of Ryan’s bike. John and I both completely panicked. I called 999, after first accidently calling 911. John tried to free her pinky, Aurora screamed loud enough to be heard in France.

Luckily, our neighbour, who until the end of time will be known as “He who saved Rory’s finger” came with some tools and pulled the cogs on the bike apart until she was free. Then his wife, saint that she is, drove us to the hospital. A good check-up and x-ray revealed no permanent damage and we returned home to discover that we were no longer strangers. Our emergency had brought our neighbours out of their houses and out of their shells. Since then, Aurora has 4 children near her age to play with almost every day. Unfortunately, each of these children are enrolled is a different school, so as the country braces for a 2nd wave, we will likely have to limit playtimes again. Some of us will more than likely end up needing to self isolate at various times. This has brought special urgency to the last weeks of Summer.

I wanted to find some projects for Aurora and her bestie on the road, a little girl who has quickly reached near-sibling levels of bickering and adoration. First, I made a couple of little hats for them. I used the same yarn for each, but a different pattern. I made them both “Messy Bun” styles so they could wear them this autumn as the weather begins to cool but also keep their hair up as they enter school, also known as “The land of nits”

I found inspiration on Pinterest. I am currently making a huge cross-stitch which requires exact adherence to a pattern. Out of desperation to take a break I used these pins as inspiration, but did not actually follow the patterns at all. Still, I love these hats and I am glad that they were posted.

Inspiration for hats are here:

Hat Twins

I also had some crafty times with Aurora and her bestie. We made Dinosaur Crowns! This was also inspired by Pinterest, though you’ll note that my kiddie crafts are never quite Pinterest worthy. I actually think I might have a real aversion to following directions when the goal is to have fun. I cut out the spikes but the girls took it from there, choosing the colours, the glue, and the placement. They had such a fun time complimenting each other’s choices while arguing over who had the better glue stick. After they finished they ran around practicing their very best ROAR! It was such a nice way to spend time together.

Pinterest vs Reality

P.S. Aurora loves school. After her first day she tried to convince me that just because her teachers were going home, WE didn’t need to go anywhere. There was still so much for her to see and do. I knew she’d be a star.

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