Yoga Time!

My mom introduced me to yoga not long after my adoption. She had a few tapes that she watched when she could find the time. I was deeply skeptical of any type of exercise, but she never presented it to me as a work out. She just told me she loved it and thought I would, too. She was right. I loved every time we unrolled our mats together.

Many years later, yoga is still the fastest way for me to feel more in control of my own life. Something about thinking so deeply about every move that my body makes reminds me that I am powerful and capable of great things.

I have continued to practice through the years, and had even begun taking a weekly class before the pandemic hit. Now, my sore hips and back are insisting it is time to make this a priority again.

As I have done for so many things, and will continue to do in the future I took to YouTube! It wasn’t long before I found exactly who I need to help me in this moment: Jessamyn Stanley. Stop what you are doing immediately (Ok finish this post, then stop what you are doing!) and check this woman out. She’s yoga goddess perfection.

The first video I found is probably a bit more advanced for those who are still working on finding their balance, but one of her quotes in this short 8 minute work out told me that I would be safe following her flow. As she balanced on one leg leaning forward she simply said “If you fall down, who cares?… Life is about falling. That’s how you learn to stand.” I’m sold. She is officially my new yoga guide.

Life is about falling. That’s how you learn to stand

Jessamyn Stanley

My goal is to follow one of her videos 3 days a week to begin with. I want to get in her 30 minute sequence for total beginners in whenever possible. Follow this link to join in: On days when I am feeling especially lost I want to remind myself to find the time for her 8 Minute Yoga for Self Love routine. I feel invincible when I finish that one. Thank you for existing and sharing yourself with us, Jessamyn!

Well, in other news, it is day 2 of that blog life. Thanks for joining me today and I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for some kiddie crafts. Aurora and I will be making some paper crafts for her friends. I might even show you the crochet hats I am making in preparation for those cold winter days and the progress on a project I’ve been slowly working on since May.

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