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Christmas Crafts for Elves

Christmas is John’s favourite time of year. Me, not so much. I try not to be a Grinch, though, and this year want to have some fun activities to do with my littles. I can totally wait to get started, but I’ll find my enthusiasm and my scissors and get going. I don’t have nearly […]

I’m still here!

You may have noticed that my one week break turned into two. A covid case at Rory’s school made the autumn half term twice as long. She was back at school today. Ryan also only went to school Monday and Tuesday last week. On Monday night as he prepared for bed he sniffed twice. “Oh […]

Weekly Washout and Taking a Break

I had a pretty great week this week. John was off for a few days so I got to spend some time with him. Wednesday I mostly slept while the kids were at school, which I needed. Thursday, John and I finally finished the project of organizing the kid’s play area and cleaned the rest […]

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